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Mental illness does not discriminate. It affects the wealthy, poor, different races, and different genders. It’s the person you work with. It’s your family member. It’s your son or daughter. It could even affect you


"In Florida, some 660,000 adults and 181,000 children live with serious mental illness — bipolar disorder, severe depression or schizophrenia — and nearly half the population will struggle with less devastating forms at some point in their lives. An insidious epidemic, it reaches into every class of neighborhood and touches every public agency." (1)


There is an overwhelming need of genuine and effective assistance for individuals who struggle with mental illness. Things that many people without mental illness take for granted can be extremely difficult to attain for an individual struggling with a mental illness.   Individuals who struggle with mental illnesses can struggle to get or maintain things like housing, employment, benefits, childcare etc.   


Everyone deserves to live the “American Dream” of a happy and successful life. A person struggling with a mental illness should not feel that they have to do something extreme in order to get what they need. Due to the lack of quality mental healthcare in the state of Florida, many individuals with mental health illness have felt ignored or left out. Many of these individuals have resorted to measures that may further inhibit their abilities. 


Florida Social Solutions is a mental health facility dedicated to providing genuine and effective services to those who struggle with mental illness.


We are solely committed to Excellence!


We work with individuals that have mental health disorders to assist them in attaining the resources and services they desperately need in order to live a satisfied and productive life. 


Our services are simple because they are customized to YOUR unique situation.


We listen to your needs, and work with you one-on-one to advocate and connect you with your needs, until your goals are met.


Our goal is for YOU to meet YOUR goals. 


Whether your goals are to get a job, return to school, or simply to receive therapy; we will work with you via a personalized servicing plan, until you reach your goals. 


Personalized.  Earnest.  Attentive. Confidential.  Effective


“It’s never too late, to be who you might’ve been” George Eliot


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