A Look into the Future...

Currently, Florida Social Solutions Inc., is transitioning into becoming a Community Mental Health Facility. This is due to the recognition that there needs to be more accesible services for individuals who not only struggle with mental health disorders, but are afflicted with other circumstances.  Our community services will include but not be limited to: 


Substance Abuse Services

Substance Abuse Testing and Educational Services

Substance Abuse Preventioin Services and Resources

Substance Abuse Intervention Services and Resources


Domestic Violence Services

Individual Counseling Services

Family Counseling Services

Childrens Counseling Services


HIV/STD Services





Children/Teen Services

Substance Abuse Prevention/Intervention

Abuse Reporting

Neglect Reporting

Healthy Lifestyles


Juvenile Delinquent Intervention Services/Resources



At the moment, we are extending interviews to qualified individuals to join our team.  We are currently looking to add a full clinical staff which includes: Psychiatrist(s),PCP's LMHC's, LCSW's, and behavioral technicians. Please submit your resume to: Floridasocialsolutions@gmail.com. 







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